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The Best Memory Foam on the Market

What really sets the Regalis HD bed apart is the addition of American-made 8lb Venus® visco-elastic memory foam from Foamex used in the comfort layer. It is the most durable, breathable, and supportive memory foam in the world, with a luxurious feel. Venus® foam is also the densest memory foam on the market. This means that it has more memory cells per square inch than any other memory foam, which provides more support and more ‘memory”. Do not confuse density with firmness, however; these are two separate properties of memory foam. Venus® foam has a nice soft feel, a perfect firmness for comfort and support.

In lab tests simulating 15 years of use, Venus® memory foam has proven the most durable memory foam on the market, retaining 100% of its structure (meaning no depressions) and 99% of its firmness. Most of the memory foam on the market today is Chinese made, with no quality testing. We've heard numerous stories of these beds developing body depressions, and have seen beds soften up in a matter of months. With Venus® memory foam, you can rest assured that you're mattress will last a lifetime
Compare to the Tempurpedic Rhapsody® Bed
The Select Foam Regalis COOLMAX is very similar to the Tempurpedic RhapsodyBed because both beds use an HD quality memory foam. The two beds are nearly indistinguishable when you lie down. The Regalis COOLMAX sets itself apart in three different areas.

1. Breathability  of the bed – The Tempurpedic RhapsodyBed does not have foam that breathes as well as the Venus ® memory foam we use, and the cover Tempurpedic uses in microsuede, not COOLMAX. This means the Regalis COOLMAX remains at a more comfortable temperature than the RhapsodyBed.

2. Pressure Relieving Qualities – The Regalis COOLMAX has 8lb density Venus ® foam while the Tempurpedic RhapsodyBed has 7lb density Tempur-HD foam. The higher the density, the better a foam relieves pressure.

3. PRICE – One of the largest differences  between the two beds is the price tag At $2599 for a Queen, the Tempurpedic RhapsodyBead  is about twice the cost of the Select Foam Regalis COOLMAX.